Young Jedi Knights: Crisis at Crystal Reef

Crisis at Crystal Reef
Autor Kevin J. Anderson i Rebecca Moesta
Tytuł oryginalny Young Jedi Knights: Crisis at Crystal Reef
Wydanie USA Boulevard 1998
Autor okładki Dave Dorman
ISBN 0-425-16519-1
Liczba stron 215
Czas akcji 24 ABY

Young Jedi Knights: Crisis at Crystal Reef — książka autorstwa Kevina Andersona i Rebeki Moestry, będąca czternastą i zarazem ostatnią częścią serii Młodzi rycerze Jedi. W Polsce nie była ona nigdy wydana.

Oryginalny opis autoraEdytuj

Anja Gallandro planned to destroy the Solo family. But now she fights an intense inner battle—against her growing spice addiction, and her growing friendship with Jacen and Jaina. She no longer knows where her loyalties lie. In desperation for spice, she steals a ship and flees the Jedi academy.

The young Jedi Knights give chase, following her from the spice mines of Kessel to the dangerous paradise of Crystal Reef. But Anja has been a pawn all along in a game that is much bigger than all of them. And they just landed in the middle of it…



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